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Jul 30



I just started drop dead diva and i am already addicted everyone go start it so i could talk to someone about it

Just finished watching all 6 season and wow.. addicted too!

Jul 29






Strong Female Characters—Jane Bingum, Drop Dead Diva

Gifs from around Tumblr, PM for credit

Jul 28

Drop Dead Diva Facebook group -

So, I started watching the show just after it officially ended but I am completely hooked on it and the lead, Brooke Elliott!

Join me on Facebook in a group devoted to the show and its actors.

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Jul 27


Jul 25


Jul 22



no no no no you don’t understand I am confused.
why do I ind Red sexy??
she is an old Russian prison lady.
why is she so attractive to me???
why is she giving me the feels of feels????

We don’t even ask these questions anymore because it’s like on a higher astral plane of understanding that we can’t quite grasp.

Because Kate Mulgrew. End of reasoning.

Jul 17


Jul 16

(In case you missed it earlier in the week) New J/7! -


For your weekend reading pleasure!

My sequel to “Same Love.” A year after Seven and Admiral Janeway reunite, a mysterious threat attempts to dismantle the life they’ve created. :

And, a tiny ficlet I wrote for Janeway’s birthday:

And here’s the link to “Same Love” too!

Some really classy and enjoyable J/7 fic